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Thread: Cloth armor with endurance...

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    Default Cloth armor with endurance...

    ...has anyone tried it? I've been selling it off. I've noticed it drop a lot and used to laugh at it but now I'm thinking of trying to use it. My lock/chloro build survives much better with the endurance buff so I'm curious if a full set of 20+ endurance on the cloth would help. I've also noticed the endurance armor is usually higher in ac than the int/wis. Yea, I know you'd lose all the int/wis/sp but when pyro and well under 4k hp I'm curious what a full set of endurance cloth would do to improve survivability. If a robe with +22 endurance if only 22 hp then its a joke. So, whats the math behind endurance:hp? Anyone?

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    actually was thinking today gonna spec in HP souls and start stacking it..just to compare my spell damage and survivability.
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