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Thread: Elementalist - Help OOM Again....

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    Default Elementalist - Help OOM Again....

    Maybe I am doing something wrong or someone has a good sugestion to help me out on long fights. The other day I found myself helping dps on one of the world rift lords, as I'm sure most know these fights are very long. I am currently deep into Elementalist and found myself OOM after the first 3 minutes. I was able to use my mana pot, but that only kept me going for a few more seconds until I was OOM again. No matter what I did, I was unable to pull myself out of combat to drink or use my Revitalize and just sat there and threw in a cast or two as mana came back.

    Is there a talent I can spec into that will allow for a mana regen while in combat?


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    6 points in Warlock and you get Sacrifice Life: Mana, and 11 points in Archon for Leeching Flames. Elementalist grants you a combat version of Revitalize with 32 points invested.

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    Why are you elem? But if you insist on elem, there's an incombat channeled mana regen at 32 points.
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