So I got to 30 and I knew that I would have to spec out of 0 ele and a split between Chloro and Warlock to buff my pet up. I am just not terribly comfortable with the mobs beating on me and such. I dunno, maybe my gear is just terribad or maybe it's because I prefer quests my level range or +2 above. I decided to try a new spec of Elementalist/Dominator/Archon.

So far, I actually enjoy the spec aside from a little bug that seems to be caused by Thunder Shield. It doesn't seem to count as damage done by myself or my pet so if a mob beats on my pet for half of its health, I don't get XP or quest credit for the kill so making sure I tag it for damage is extremely important.

Anyway, My current spec is:

21 Elementalist Missiles 3/5 Crit Hit 5/5 // Ice Shield 1/1 Elem Affinity 4/5 // Icy Carapace, Expose // Quicken Elements 2/2 Pet Health 3/5 / Greater Elemental Affinity 1/1

Archon 11 / Searing 2/2 Fire dam 3/5 // Pillage 3/3 Mana return on crit 2/5 // 10% mana return spell 1/1

Dominator 9: Trans cool down 3/3 CC reduce 2/5 // Thunder Shield 2/2 Acumen 2/5

So far, Thunder shield has been an immense help with my pet keeping aggro. I can usually send him in and dot up some mobs and even use Burning ground then heal my pet with Quicken Elements. I barely lose any mana while soloing and questing even fighting 2-4 mobs at a time.

The only thing I really miss out of my chloro comfort zone is the heals, but my pet has, so far, really been good at holding his aggro. So if anyone out there is in their 30s and is bored of Necro/Lock, give it a try. So far I kind of like it.... o.o;