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Thread: Choromancer as a leveling soul and fighting off gankers questing

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    Default Choromancer as a leveling soul and fighting off gankers questing

    i like the concept and am not really into the entire "swap a soul" situation. I want to learn the class as i level not "switch to it when told" if i needed to heal later.

    so in fact the ability to "heal groups" is a bonus and i just like the idea of it.

    Anyone have any comments i know i won't smash through things but am i crazy to try to level? I am 16 and it seems fine.

    Also spec wise any thing to avoid? i am pairing atm with warlock and third is archon however its a bit annoying feeling obligated to keep up the archon bufs.

    I find myself atm feeling like i have "to many things to cast" and would like to start reducing my rotation for fighting.

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    Maybe buy a second talent slot and practice chloro in warfronts and dungeons while practicing dps specs while questing?

    When I was leveling/ questing, I settled into a deep necro with lock and dom build. Necro is so solid for questing and a few points in dom will give squirrel for a cc and an instant knock back for when melee ganked me (not that it really helps much but its fun to annoy them). Necro has a solid pets for tanking, dots and plenty of self heals for a primary soul build. Lock will give some strong dots, an armor and reconstruct. I experimented a lot on my way to 50 and the main reason for deep necro:

    Feign Death! this spell is incredibly useful for those uh-oh moments AND for those times I would dot up a Guardian in a quest hub then feign death when the guards attacked. When I feign deathed, they would attack the Guardian I dotted up instead and finished him off for me ... pure fun!
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