I'm currently using http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...0Vo.MsVhikVM0o for my PvP spec. I really enjoy the idea behind it but was curious as to what I could be doing better or what the best cast sequence is.

I generally tend to CC -> Drain people, but that gets really boring so I try and actually fight them. My cast order goes something like Morph > Grasp > Shackle > Pain > Lament > Chastise > Edict > Shroud > Decay, or something similar to that. Basically anything they do screws them over... yet smart players just stand still and do nothing as that pretty much nullifies everything I have done. It's a whole lot of fun doing that in duels or 1 v 1 OWPvP, but how can I improve on that. I'm currently 36, as can be told by the build. I find that this build is like the ole Mesmer from GW. I never liked playing as a Mesmer, but I HATED playing against one.