I played a cleric to lvl 48 and now a mage to 29. The biggest problem to me is cast times and alot of spells you would think should be insta cast but are not. It would help Mages in pvp big time if alot of cc was insta cast. Just my opinon. A mage in pve standing still is on par with everyone else. But when classes can run jump around and put out the same or more dps than a mage that has to stand still and if attacked cant really do anything.

In PVP if Im on good teams and dont get focused on a do a decent job. But if players focus on my at all I am completley shut down with no hope. I had no issue with my Cleric in PVE or PVP. My server was a ghost town and I rerolled and wanted to play something different.

I hope mages get fixed and Im sure they will. Im gonna reroll again as I dont feel like rolling the dice on mages future.