So I just recently changed to Stormcaller/Chloro/Archon which I love the spec so far, but during my questing and what not I've seen somethings that are alittle troubling.

One when I try and kite melee mobs they seem to have a huge melee range in which they can be a guesstimate would be something like 10 yards and there still able to melee hit me.

Next Multiple Archon buffs/abilities don't seem to be giving the correct values.
I,E. Rank 9 Pillaging Stone gives 7 to stats per stack but there only giving 6.

Next the talent Exhilaration says it gives back 2.5% maximum mana back from crits, but it doesnt seem to take in account any buffs so I only get 82 mana back with a mana pool of 3615 buffed from the bugged Pillaging Stone. Without Pillaging Stone my mana is 3315 which would be 82 mana back from the talent but with Pillaging Stone it should be 90-91 mana back.

Not sure if there are other issues I'll have to start looking at all buffs to make sure.

Anyone else notice any other possible bugs? I'm hoping these are just bugs and aren't intended.