Wild vines
change to Instant cast.
This spell is almost if not pointless to cast now.

Wild Growth
Now is a charged based ability. Increase range by 15 yards. 100 charge is 25 seconds of healing. Instant cast. 1 minute Cooldown.

Nature's Touch

Reduce cast time to 1.5 seconds from 2.5
This is primarily because of the following situation

need to line of sight a boss, the tank gets low, takes to long to cast to heal him back up, cooldowns are not up need something strong. so we start to cast living and then bam! before tank is healed he dies.


Charged Abilities

Reduce the charge consumption rate Of Empowered Darkness by 50% and increase the cooldown to two minutes.100 charge should now give 35 seconds of Casting time (5 to counter for lag, and movement)

Similar effect changes should be made to all mage charge abilities. this change helps charges work more as a cooldown

Neddra's Torture
7% Mage damage increase, 30 Seconds to Proc damage, increase damage 2.5 Times Current value.

Fix the issues where dots are not scaling with spell power.

Warlock armor now gives + Armor Bonus (300 or so)
Dark Armor now gives armor bonus (500 or so)


Wildfire (talent Proc)
Resets the cooldown and causes the next flamebolt to deal its damage plus equal damage to its target and 8 targets near by over 5 seconds.

Pyromancers Armor
Increase proc from 10% to 15%.

Fulimant (51 talent ability)
redesigned and renamed. Pheonix's Rebirth
Now grants the mage the ability to harness the power of the pheonix,allow the mage to rebirth themselves, when they rebirth enemies with in 30 yards take 300 damage and 150 damage over 5 seconds.


Waining power now turns the archon into an actual archon (like the domni's form, but blueish white, and perm until deactivated) increasing its casting speed by 20% but reducing its hp by 10%.

Shared Vigor
Increase the hp gain by 50% of its current value.