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Thread: GUIDE/BUILD: Sorta-good low-level Nuking (PvP)

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    Default GUIDE/BUILD: Sorta-good low-level Nuking (PvP)

    I figured I'd share this build I used mostly in 20-29, but that could also function in 10-19 too.

    This is for Warfronts and can also apply to this same level range's dungeons.

    The build is Stormcaller/Elementalist/X and consists of setting the stage for a nice big Lightning Strike crit.

    Here's the level 19 version, which I feel is the earliest you could make this work:


    And the level 27 version, which has the core tools to set up your big hits:


    On the 27 version, note that the points in Ride the Wind, Arctic Chill, Wind Chill, and Static Barrier are all filler points used to move up the tree. Feel free to re-distribute those as you see fit, they are not necessary to use this successfully.

    It's a pretty simple setup:

    -Raging Storm on a target. Roots, does damage, and, critically, applies 3 stacks of Electrified.
    -Ice Shear on the target. Causes the enemy to take 10% (14% talented) more Air/Water damage for each stack of Electrifed.
    -Pop Static Flux. Use it earlier if you have the charge, it needs to be up for the Lightning Strike cast though.
    -Lightning Strike.

    Why Lightning Strike? First, it's a heavy hitter (well, in Mage terms). Second, and most importantly, for three points, you can raise its damage and chance to crit by 15%.

    So basically, adding everything together, you have the following passive modifiers on your Lightning Strike:

    +30% chance to crit.
    +20% damage.

    Which further amplified by three stacks of Electrify + Ice Shear for another 72% damage. (Inductance = 30%, Improved Ice Shear = 42%).

    And, if you pop Static Flux, you get another 20%.

    I don't know how modifiers are calculated. If it's linear, you're getting the following total benefit on your Lightning Strike if you've set the stage correctly:

    +30% crit on top of gear.
    +112% damage.

    In a perfect situation, this setup takes 3.0 (Raging Storm) + 1.5 (Ice Shear GCD) + 2.5 (Lightning Strike) = 7.0 seconds.

    In my gear (PvP/planar/dungeons mostly, prioritizing Crit before Spell Power), I think the biggest crit I saw was in the low-mid 900s. A typical crit is more along the lines of 800-850. This was after level 27, before then the numbers will obviously be smaller.

    There's room for growth in the vein of this spec. In Elementalist, grab 5/5 Elemental link for -10% damage taken, Ice Shield for more survivability, and Exposure for another 7% damage taken by your target (though this will use another GCD).

    In Stormcaller, grab 3/3 Lightning Conductor for 15% more damage if they have Hypothermia (though this will require casting a Hypothermia-causing spell first, which means you'll want to get Cold Weather Training and drop Arctic Chill, at least at first).

    Then there's the matter of your third soul. I would strongly suggest Dominator at 0 points for Neural Prod (which becomes pretty deadly with Stormcaller) and Transmog. Once you're happy with your "core" setup and want to start filling out your third soul, I'd look at Dominator and Warlock. Of course, this is assuming you take the build past 29. I haven't tried it past then, but I'd personally pair it with Dominator before Warlock.

    Anyway. I'm not going to go out and say this is a wonderful PvP build that everyone should use. It's just a fun way to have a decent chance of seeing a big number every ~15 seconds without having to wait til 50. Play carefully and try to keep your head down -- you need the full seven seconds at a minimum to pull the whole thing off.

    Best targets are people in Melee (the Raging Storm root will help whoever's getting hit from... uh, continuing to get hit, and Meleer-s tend to tunnel) and anyone picking on your healers (they also tend to tunnel). Anyone else is fair game, though of course you should prioritize low HP over high HP. One exception: other Mages are generally not worth the whole setup.

    If you decide to try it, have fun, and take some screenshots if you get some good crits!
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    Thanks for posting ... might give this a try just for something different than the normal mage PvP builds. My mage alt is puttering around in the 20's level right now so will be good to see

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    After reading this post I tried out your idea at a higer level. I am curently lv43. I usually roll dominator but this was a really fun speck, gonna keep it as a off speck for sure.
    You get 3knockbacks, plenty of snares and roots, shield an lesser damage taken. Only thing I can complian on is that I miss Insta transmogrify. But the AoE fun makes up for it ^^


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