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Thread: Charge Dump Abilities

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    Default Charge Dump Abilities

    So, I got to thinking.

    Along with a plethora of problems involving mages, we really do not have a good charge dump spell or mechanic. Lets look at rogues/warriors, both can build combo points for finishers doing Xdmg + weapon dmg/ap dmg.

    Example: Rogue finisher X dmg + 100% Ap contribution (higher up in the tree admittally)
    generic finisher X dmg + 100% weapon dmg

    This gives both classes very good spike dmg and scaling. So, why do mages not have any dump type abilities. Right now, charge is kinda blah. Yeah, I can save it for a soul purge/fulminate/ whatever, but in my opinion I would like more uses for our class defining mechanic.

    Example: Does X dmg + 50% spell point contribution. X dmg would scale depending on the amount of charge dumped.

    I dont know, its late and im just bored and cant sleep.

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    Nah, if so, then no one will use those charg skills any more
    Ashstone Guardian Mage

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    Perhaps make it so it makes the next few spells casted instant? Perhaps throw it in one or two trees. Warlock and Archon.

    For example:

    For each 20 charge consumed a spell which is not normally an instant cast shall be casted instantly.

    An ability like this, off the GCD ofcourse would add to our ability to kite. Instant DDs, Fear, Polymorph(If not specced), nukes. It gives the class a reason to use the charge as well. It also allows us some more survivabilty without having to give up on some ok the nukes. It wouldn't be that game breaking as some of the things that you see a dime a dozen off - (Champion lolstun macros) and Stunlock rogues.

    It would be a step in the right direction to not limiting mages into 2 soul combinations to be effective in PvP play.

    And everyone can go on and on about how PvP is a team game. But fact of the matter is, In a game with so many soul choices and spec choices, speccing for PvP should not be reduced to 2 viable specs.

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