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Thread: Stop these overwrites for Archon

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    Default Stop these overwrites for Archon

    Ashen Defense gets overwritten by Bard's coda because it is 4 armor more, what the hell. Just add 4 more armor so we can benefit from the buff we receive as well and make a message saying "More powerful spell is active". Same goes for Crumbling Resistance, I think either a druid or shaman overwrites this.

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    Actually it is Bard Anthems, not Codas. Just ask the Bard to run Competance or Fervor instead.

    Archon and Bard buffs should be equal. But Shamans are the other one you are thinking of and their Hearts (their resist buffs) are only either elemental or Life and Death, so I can see why those should be better than Archon's.

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    This definitely something they need to look into as far as Bard/Archon buff equality. Haven't come across the Shaman thing yet, I don't think...

    But this should have been a private message to the devs. on of archon's biggest strengths is that no one knows about it yet

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    And stone of vitatlity get overwritten by a beastmaster that is just running the shared bonds, just one is enough to kill it as well. And is Ashen defence not only mage, same with crumbling resistances. But I guess you mean the aura's, that also debuffs the archon.

    Also why do those classes get the same strength out of their buffs without debuffing themself? If I get debuffed I at least want to have the better buff as I pay a price for it next to mana to keep it going every 5 minutes (the manacost is negletable though).

    On this sidenote I also want to see

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