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Thread: Money Talks.

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    Default Money Talks.

    Ok I have read endless amounts of complaints on mages in PvP and PvE. There is massive issues with 1 out of the 4 classes Trion gave us to chose from.

    I unfortunately do not work for Trion so me reading these forums won't get anything done, and obviously neither will our posts.

    How about we /sign all the people who are considering canceling their subs if mages are not addressed soon! Next patch please.

    Maybe the thought of 25 percent of the players leaving the game will get them going.

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    Might wanna hit this thread.
    Not sure what more they can do than say - working on it.

    They have plenty of other things going on to be concerned with class fixes this early I imagine.
    I don't even think mages are all broken-like.
    Sure there could be tweaks but I'm not falling apart out there.
    Even those with complaints usually say PVE isn't an issue - they do fine there.
    PVP is always going to have complaints till the end of time so they have to be careful tweaking for that.

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