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Thread: What's your Build

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    Default What's your Build

    I'm relatively new to the game and have been experimenting a bit with builds inside the game and inside Zam's soul calculator. I think I've found one that fits my play style relatively well.

    But, I'm curious what other people's builds are. So, post here with your build and your play style!

    I'm a Warlock, Dominator, Stormcaller.

    My play style is variable, but I enjoy damage over time and a durable character. While I'm a bit lacking in durability (and for that matter, serious dot) at my low level, I see potential in this combination for interesting things. Currently, I especially enjoy the wide variety of controlling spells. Transmogrify serves well when I pull to many and the knockback effects present in electrocute and thunder blast help me keep down the damage melee mobs can do. Some enemies can't even touch me before they die.

    From the look of it, stormcaller has some very nice benefits for Dominator early on, and Dominator has some very nice compliments to warlock toward the end. I think at the end I'll be heavily invested in Dominator, followed closely by Warlock, with a little bit of Stormcaller.

    I'm very doubtful this build will be worth anything in PvP, which is a shame, but I guess it can still change. I'm not interested much in group-play.

    So, again, what is your build (or planned build) and your play style?

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    Well my main is a rogue, but I find Mage to be a lot more fun and honestly, I think it's easier :P

    The build i'm aiming for is http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1z...zcuhsz.xhtzrzo

    You get the Mana drain, and insta-squirrel cc's from Dom. As well as the healing debuff, the reflects, and silences. From pyro you get your big bursts, your main damage, a disarm, and a unbreakable root. From storm you pull a bunch of roots, snares, and knockbacks. I went 21 pts into storm for flash freeze and static barrier, to keep nasty champs and rogues off you. Flicker removes all stun, snare, root, and cc effects, so you can get away if you get caught in a tight spot. Storm gives you a couple decent AOE's as well if you need em.

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