I just posted this in General discussion to try and give a pep talk to a guy having difficulty with mages. It's a vague account of what I do with the class. I can post my builds if you want, just let me know...and if you're aim is to say "w/e mages suck" or anything of that nature, don't waste your time or mine. I already know better, mages don't suck, they just can't be played like mages in other games. your negativity won't faze me one bit. I levelled my mage past the point where everyone told me that i would change my tune...and still hasn't happened. so let's not beat a dead horse in this thread. let's discuss, theorycraft, and compare notes. here's what I said:

All that said, my favorite solo PvE build at level 35 involves the chloromancer and warlock....and the most underestimated soul in the mage calling, which I leave up to those who haven't caught on yet to figure out. I have tons of survivability. If I'm soloing invasions, which i can --if they aren't elites--up to two levels above my own(Protip: target the patrol leader last!) and have between 3-5 mobs on me, I usually get down to about 40% health real quick. Then my warlock soul goes to work, and I keep getting healthier, while my enemies bleed to death around me mwahahaha! But every fight involving multiple mobs for me is a wee bit exhilirhating, because of the risk involved. I NEVER need to use mana or health potions or even drink(although i do if i'm trying to rush, so i don't have to do the life into mana then heal thing)

In group instances i use a pyro/elementalist/same soul i won't name. people are pleasantly surprised at my dps...they also are surprised at how much support i do at the same time(yup that was a hint). lots of fun, and who doesn't like seeing fire shoot out of their hands to consume an enemy?

My third role is dominator/necro/stormcaller. I made this one for warfronts, but i'm so spoiled with my first build i usually only change to this in a battle where i see lots of casters. dominator gets nice air dmg buffs from the caller, and death dmg buffs from the necro. in return dominator not only has great crowd control, but he has some subtle ways of increasing overall dmg for all three souls.

find out what works well together FOR YOU. take it easy at first. experiment. heck, they even have practice dummies for ya, lol. don't just throw points into something because it sounds cool. put points where they will give the most benefit, not just for one soul but for all 3 souls when you can. It literally takes me between 5-10 mins and sometimes longer to assign my new points each level, because i'm putting points in to plan ahead. And i usually reset all my points in all my souls around every 7 levels, because sometimes my needs will change. don't forget which root abilities will be of the most immediate use to you either.

I don't want you to quit. and I don't want you to quit playing a mage. but you've got to be patient. I was a joke when I started playing MMO's at the launch of EQ2. Now look at me and my huge mage ego

Don't give up mate.