Currently mages are low on the pvp food chain compared to other souls. Realistically only 2-3 of the souls are actually eeven playable competitively in pvp.

I know mages have been getting nerfed since the early stages of beta, but I wanted to start another thread with suggestions that could help mages in PvP without nerfing other classes.

Mages biggest problems are currently long cast times, low dps, and weaker CC than other classes.

Based on a few other threads, I would like to make a few suggestions to actually help mages without nerfing other classes:

1. Increase mage spell range.

Currently, mages have a 30m range. Most melee classes have gap closures/silences/CCs that are 20m range. With long cast times that gives a mage 10m to work with before they are in melee range. My suggestion would be to increase cast ranges for mages to actually give mages a change, to 40m.

As is the game uses the old WoW formula of pushback. Where casters are supposed to use CC and range to survive and beat melee classes, while melee is supposed to use high burst if they get in range. The problem is melee classes in this game have equal ranged attacks as welll as CC that can be used at range. What does that leave casters with? Melee should be very wary to even come within range of casters, but currently they dont even worry about it because they can easily close the gap to you and p-retty much shrug off the low damage spells you get off while they reach you.

2. Give Mages some viable CCs.

Outside of a few CCs in Pyro and Dom Souls, mages CCs are lacking. They almost all break on damage. Mages need a stun or CCs that cant be broken easily, especially since melee classes have spammable CCs/interrupts.

3. Increase DoT damage.

With long cast times, often the only spells you can get off are insta cast dots that do laughable damage and get healed thru by bards negating them. Melee characters should suffer to actually get into melee range since they have mostly instant cast and reactive abilties that deal burst.

4. Change the way Charge works

Currently, you have to cast long cast time spells to build up charge to use your more powerful spells. Once you are in melee range not only are you stunned/cc'd but you cant cast spells to build up charge with pushback and long cast times. Charge should be just like energy where it starts at full and wears down not the opposite.

5. Allow casting on the Move.

Alot of people will say this is OP, but with the long cast times, facing requirements and pushback it really isnt. Why is it that melee classes can use abilties will moving but casters have to stand still and allow them to get into range? With non existent CC for mages, we have warrior/rogues with spammable ranged attacks/CCs. Currently the pushback dynamic doesnt work because mages cant keep people at range and cant create seperation.

These are only suggestions, not saying they should all be implemented, but the general idea is to at least make a topic to give the developers some ideas that could be implemented without drastically effected the current design of the game.