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Thread: how do I shot wand?

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    Default how do I shot wand?

    I want to augment my mage's dps with wand auto attacks between spell attacks. But it seems like whenever I cast a spell, the game defaults back to melee auto attacks with my staff.

    Is there a way to fix this without macroing it into every ability? Perhaps some interface option I'm missing?

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    Only rogues have an ability that automatically makes your switch to your ranged weapon when you are at range.

    Mages have an ability called "toggle ranged attack" in the general tab of your ability/spellbook. You need to hit it whenever you want to start using your wand.

    It would be a waste of damage to shoot your wand between spells, however, because wands attack horrifically slow. Only time I would ever recommend using your wand to "augment" damage is when you are out of mana. They are more for stats than they are for damage, unlike a Ranger or Marksman's bow/gun.

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    I don't think this would be fesible. There is such a delay from switching from your main hand weapon (sword/totem or staff) to the wand to start with then a good 2 second or more delay before you range attack with your wand. Its not like you can fit a wand attack in between spell casts during the global cool down. Wands are basically just extra stats for us and not of real use unless your completely drained of mana and wanding is all you have left....

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