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Thread: Mages are fine.

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    Default Mages are fine.

    (NOTE: I am a 50 Guardian Mage on Wolfsbane and one of the earlier 50's)

    I play 44elementalist/20chloro/2dom for normal pve tier 2 dungeon trash & pvp, with a 32chloro/32archon/2dom for dungeon bosses on T1/T2's, and am keeping up with my group just fine on the parses as well as us, ya know, actually winning the fights properly. When we parsed me in my DPS build vs. a Rogue with Ranger/Marks spec on a single-target Tier 2 boss, I was at 600-620ish while the Rogue was at 670-700, but I was also throwing out debuffs, curing, and off-healing when spike damage occurred.

    In PVP I'm not feeling weak at all, squishy yes, but I find I can win 1on1's even against champions if I play well. If I CC enemies with knockbacks, use my elementalist bubble, kite properly and just throw out damage and *GASP* kill the enemy before I die (if I'm stunlocked I use my once-a-minute stun-break, if snared I use my chloro 8sec immunity every 30s ability). I'm really not encountering the kinds of issues people say.

    We really just need some tweaking, not overhauls and severe buffage like some people are crying out for.
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    i think mages are fine.. i just think the global cooldown should be reduced to 1.0 instead of 1.5 to make instant casts a little more appealing.
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