So, I play on a PvE server because I couldn't convince my guildies to join a PvP server so I spend alot of time in warfronts when I get bored fighting NPC's (which is ALOT). Just curious what is a good pvp build for WF's? I have been using Pyro/Archon/Archmage. Just hit 44 yesterday and I am really enjoying GoS but I wanted to be sure I was playing a build that will have the most impact. I don't care about kills, I want to make the most impact to the team. If we are short healers I do switch to my dungeon healing build, chloro/warlock/dom. I am really interested in playing a dominator role but since I solo queue and everyone zergs my cc is always broken. Anyway, just looking for different ideas, help a fellow mage out and give me something to read at work!