So anyone else notice that Combust the 3/3 talent tier 2 talent in the Pyro tree is not working as intended?

It says it stacks to 3, but stacks do not increase its damage and only refreshes the duration of the original debuffs damage. Also it can crit but it does not do increased damage.

Also Opportunity procs are being eaten along with Cinder Burst procs. And Opportunity is also eaten by instant cast Burning Bonds even if you are specced 2/2 Improved Burning Bonds.

Not sure if fixing Combust would increase Pyro DPS to be more comparable with Sab rogues and Warriors. But who knows?

By the way Trion if you really want to buff Pyro DPS then just buff Improved Ground of Power to give (hypothetical numbers) 2-3% extra damage per rank. This way Pyro burst in PvP won't go any higher.