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Thread: Necromancer - Lich Form

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    Default Necromancer - Lich Form

    I have just recently hit level 31 and finally gotten my top spell, i was really looking forward to it, because it sounds so damn awesome.

    I just ran into a problem here tho.
    On the spell note it says that it adds 20%dmg to me, which it did, 30% to my pet, which it did. But then i ran into a problem here. Spell tip says 20% increased mana regain. But when i use my mouse to hover over my buffs, it says a 200% regain of mana.

    To be honest there has to be a problem here. So which of them are correct ? 20% or 200%, Because honestly the 20% as its currently going for is _extremely_ low for a top nudge spell.

    And sure there might come people in here saying: yeah but go pyro, do this or do that.
    But the fact of the matter is, I dont play MMORPG games to be the best in dps/healing and whatnot, i dont play them to compete. I play them purely to have fun. Being full specced into Necromancy might not be the best idea, but its what keeps me playing, liking the whole idea around them, And therefor i would really like it to be without a vital bug like this ;)

    PS: Trion, please do something about Plague bolt, make the stacking fix properly, Lowering the cast time on it, so its atleast able to compete with other Souls plain and simple nukes. I dont think its fair being punished for only skilling up in one Soul.

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    As a necro your mana regen really doesn't matter, if you run low you can tap your pet for mana, then heal it with soul purge.

    As for deathly calling, I'm pretty sure the actually effect works and stacks properly (at least my pets say it works) but there are a number of times when it won't display.

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