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Thread: Getting out performed by other classes

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    Default Getting out performed by other classes

    Just wondering if i could get some help, at the moment i have gone warlock/necro/cholo for leveling. However after watching other people around me i see that although i may be killing the enemies it is taking far longer than the other classes i have witnessed. In extreme cases by the time i apply my dots they have it near dead or dead.

    For that reason i was wondering if anyone knew a different choice in souls that i would perform better at, or perhaps just some general tips.

    P.S. im lvl 36

    thanks in advance

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    best advice roll a war or rogue, otherwise just accept you will kill stuff slowly

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    I don't think it is you. I have been playing with a warrior and / or cleric since beta 1 and I have witnessed the same since then - which is one of the reasons I say that mages are not fine.

    And no matter how much some people will tell you "learn to play", it won't change the fact that mages don't have as many off GCD abilities that they can macro together, that they have longer GCD than rogues, that some of their abilities hit for less or scale less well than other classes abilities and / or have shorter cast times. These advanges become quite obvious when you watch other classes kill quest mobs.

    That's all I will say, I don't feel like being part of another discussion with "l2p" people that we had in other threads over and over.

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