Mage is a little under powered in pvp and pve seams to be the general view.

For pvp, it's the casting time. Spells that has a casting time is next to impossible to use against a decent close combat enemy. He will go back and forth throu you.
What mages need are more instant cast spells. While rogues gets to snare you with a 1s instant cast we have a 1.5s cast time on ours. Bolts are useless that have cast time. Nearly everything with a cast time is useless as soon as you fight someone who is decent and goes throu you.
You try to use cc on someone who is on you from a warrior charge or rogue sneak attack, and it has a casting time, you won't get that one off.
Thus, a lot of these spells needs to be instant casts. More souls needs instant cast spells that does a decent amount of damage.

A warrior or rogue who is close combat and has to fight his way to you should out dps us because of their higher risks of going into enemy lines and having to keep us close to them for them to do damage. But still, more instant casts like rogues has is needed.

This also brings me to the pve part from the pvp part.
I kill faster with my ranged rogue than with my mage and the rogue also has a lot of cc. And since also in instances / dungeons close combat fightes will out dps mages which makes people question taking a mage except perhaps archons and chloros the spells damage that has a cast time could use a slight buff to keep mages in line with the rest.
Spells with a cast time can not be used against close combat fighters and not against smart ranged rogues so their pvp effect of the dps increase is low. The long range damage should never be higher than a rogues or warriors close combat damage since they take a greater risk and has to fight their way to the mage but since spells with a cast time is extremely hard to get off in pvp a slight damage increase on these spells should not be an issue.

I am levelling several characters and I've not yet experienced endgame with my mage so I do not know exactly how the balance will be at endgame for the mage. But from all my game time from beta 1-7 and now the above conclusions is what I feel would bring the mage up to par with the other arch types.

That's my thoughts in short about the mage.