This will be a somewhat loosely based grouping of thoughts on what I like, what I dislike, levels which I felt very weak, and a bunch of other stuff, hopefully so that Trion sees and reads this thread, and can use it for whatever they feel would be good.

First off, I love my Mage. This is the first time I've ever played a casting class, and I'm fairly happy with my choice at 50. I was initially very leery about continuing to level him, but once I hit 35 many of my issues went away as I finally got a hold of some Spell Power increasing items. Now at 50 I feel at least competitive compared to many of the other classes.

However, we have several issues that need to be addressed before I think we can really shine.

Most importantly. Archon is broken. It sounds like a wonderful tree on paper, but I've noticed some rather glaring issues with it. The biggest issues would be the cast times, and the fact if you run with a Cleric or a Bard, their buffs will overwrite your buffs, as theirs are "better". The fact that either of these classes being in the same group an invalidate an entire tree is somewhat worrying.

Personally, I fail to see the viability of Archon in the long run, even if these things are fixed. As it is, the tree will most likely always be pointless just due to the fact others can buff so much better/quicker. I'd suggest this class gets a revamp to help us with our utility issue, which I will address later. Long story short however, I think it would be best if Archon was swapped out with a more Battlemagey offtank style class.

Our second major issue is the fact none of our trees benefit each other ( with the exception of Elemental Summoner, which only helps Pyro ), and few trees even benefit themselves. With a few exceptions, each tree only helps itself, leading to a situation were you are forced to pick one tree with two side trees for "some stuff". Another issue this causes is that many trees don't even help themselves! Stormcaller for instance has several buffs for Water Spells, which you most likely won't even be casting unless you go super high in the tree, and even then they'll be backup spells at best, yet the spells you will be casting, IE Air Spells get ignored. Warlock is another tree with issues, it has several talents built around buffing DoTs, yet it has very few DoTs at all.

The last, and probably most worrying issue is our lack of utility compared to the other classes. As it is we are lacking, badly. Clerics can heal, offtank, MDPS, or RDPS with ease, and wear hefty armor. Rogues can offtank, buff, heal, MDPS, or RDPS with few issues. Warriors can offtank, tank, MDPS, and even RDPS with few issues. We can only do one thing besides RDPS, and thats healing through Chloromancer. Now, Chloromancer is a fine tree, but as it is, we are sold very short, and I could easily see us getting pushed aside for another more adaptable class in the long run. Why take the Mage who can ONLY RDPS or offheal, when you can take the Cleric who can almost match his damage, as well as heal, buff, and possibly tank/MDPS as well?

I mentioned it earlier, and I'll point it out again, but I think the best solution to this issue would be to revamp Archon to be an offtank/buffer style role, not so much focus on MDPS ( we don't need melee damage, we need utility ), but more a focus on magical shields/buffs for yourself ( similar to the Cleric ability Mien of Leadership ), as well as passive buffs for the group while you are in tank mode, but of course, next to nil ranged damage. This would not only be super cool and draw tons of people to the Mage class, but also give us MUCH needed utility, and more use to a group then we are currently. It wouldn't be very useful in later Raids, but it would allow us to transition through the much harsher earlier levels with much more ease.

If Trion was to fix anything at all with Mages, I'd suggest it be a rework of our abilities between the levels of 15-35, as that is when I felt the least useful. Between 1-15 I felt like the class was fine. 15-20 I felt something was wrong, but couldn't quite place it. Between 20-35 I didn't even want to continue playing the game, and actually had to take a break for a few days to get back in the mode to keep playing my Mage. But once I hit 35 things got a ton better, so its obvious those previous levels are the main issue spots.

Anyway, hopefully this is useful to someone.