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Thread: [Runeshaper] Legendary Rune of Impending Doom - Suggestion

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    Default [Runeshaper] Legendary Rune of Impending Doom - Suggestion

    Any damage you deal while Rune of Impending Doom is active on the target causes you to gain a stack of Smiting Force -> Hasty Inscription.
    Simply letting Runeshaper use Rune of Castigation, Rune of Soul Binding, Rune of Travail, and Inscribe Fate off CD would be a huge DPS gain over the current version (which currently does 40%-60% of Shaman/Inquisitor/Druid DPS).

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    The bis RS rotation hardcasts every 3rd Smiting.
    It's ugly and does 920l - ish

    Having legendary Smiting's cast time reduced from 3.5 to 2.5 would have it utilise Faith's reward. you then only need 3 instants (Smiting Force) to hardcast a 1- 1.5sec Smiting.

    The cast time reduction of Rune Strike is an absolute joke as you have a 1-1.5 sec gcd of low dmg to reduce a cast time by 0.5.

    So 5-6.5 seconds to get s 3.5 sec cast off instantly. gg wp

    Inscribe Fate + Faith's reward does more than Runestrike in case of dps.

    I think it would be a nice rotation having your hard hit being a small cast 1/3rd of the time tbh.

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