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Thread: [Druid] Conduit of Nature - suggestion

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    Default [Druid] Conduit of Nature - suggestion

    I think Druid would benefit if the Faerie Seer GCD reduction was applied to all 4 buffs instead of being locked to 1. It feels really bad to use anything else and it's possible Satyr Destroyer (+15% damage) ends up being better than Faerie Seer (-15% cooldowns). Druid isn't performing as well as it used to, any little buff would help out.

    The Faerie Healer/Satyr Protector buffs would be much stronger options for solo content as well, which is what I'm actually after.

    Also, -30% mana costs as another base effect of the buff would be appreciated.
    Also also, the GCD reduction is missing from the ability tooltip and is only mentioned on the active buffs tooltip.
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