Legendaries: Banish, Light of Redemption, Healing Communion, Flame Lance, Waterjet

This is the spec I use now. Fairy Healer ticks for ~300 HP, so it's pretty worthless. 3% damage reduction will add up to more effective HP, plus having a spamable 30% 8s slow can be pretty handy.
I prefer Vicar's Bulwark because it can't be interrupted and you can layer additional heals on top of it, unlike Soul Stream. It also has good synergy with Overload, which is nice.

#show Crucial Invocation
cast Touch the Light
cast Flashover
cast @mouseoverui Crucial Invocation
cast @mouseoverui Healing Breath
cast @mouseoverui Healing Flare

Sometimes Flashover will be wasted on Healing Breath/Flare. If you want more control over it, just take it out of the macro. I have enough buttons to worry about, so I don't care enough to manually use it.

My buff macro:

#show Light of Redemption
cast Marked by the Light
cast Faith Rewarded
cast Light of Redemption

Sent is very mana hungry since you have to spam Crucial Invocation to be useful. I use

#show Healing Communion
cast Healing Communion
cast Healing Breath
cast Healing Flare
cast Reverent Supplication

to quickly regen mana. You can use this to still run and regen mana with Faith Rewarded mastery.
When you have enough mana, just use

cancelbuff Reverent Supplication

Properly tracking your buffs is a very easy way to counter purges, especially considering both Light of Redemption and Marked by the Light are oGCD. Hardly anyone even bothers to purge anyway. Maybe like 4-5 people in all NA actually bother to do it consistently in PvP.

I can very easily outheal Farseers in 61 Senti after those juicy nerfs. Even 61 Warden can outheal some Farseers now, if you've got enough teammates to heal. (Whitefall Steppes with 10+ teammates is best map for Warden, maybe the only map it's useable)

Well timed Healer's Covenant and layered CDs can be very potent, so don't be afraid to dump all your CDs onto someone (as long as that someone is actually worth keeping alive).