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Thread: Purifer Build - Exclusive for 2nd Boss Bastion / Safe Kill - Lf Opinons

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    Default Purifer Build - Exclusive for 2nd Boss Bastion / Safe Kill - Lf Opinons

    OK firstly this is going to require an open mind, as I can imagine a lot of clerics who play purifier have one look at this and laugh, but I've spent quite a lot of time thinking about it, and I'm confident enough now to post it and actually give it a go in BoS next week, but please share your opinions and call me out if necessary as I've not properly tested yet, and likely haven't seen a big flaw. I need your advise first!

    First of all, I want to explain my thought process towards this build. Purifer like Physician is an excellent additional healer to second boss in Bastion because the no.1 issue with this boss is tanks getting 1 shot by unlucky timing of cds or too many mines. If you bring a decent shielder, you're basically removing this issue, and then the onus is on dps. Often due to dps being an issue, we avoid bringing that extra shielder, and we often opt for exclusively Warchanter and a tact/bard or wardocle. Though this often can result in tank deaths, unclean runs and lack of progress.

    Now from what I've seen the typical purifer spec is something like 9/61/6 with oracle legendary and sentinel legendary to boost the healing. I want to start by stating the issues with this spec:

    - A whole raid spot given to a shielder, your heals aren't essential and often overheal. Not very efficient if it can be avoided, hence not often used.
    - Far too much absorb for what you need, caps at 50% with 2 abilities due to current absorb/health ratios
    - Lots of absorb cd's simply not needed as 50% cap is usually kept up.
    - Oracle 20% increase in healing and absorb is not properly increasing absorb, it's more like 2%! And the heals is less than you think.
    - Your job is not big heals, just a good steady trickle to keep the tank at 100%, the warchanter/AoE healer does the rest.
    - Sign of Faith (6% damage reduction raid) stacks with warchanter. In fact it trumps warchanter, so the double from warchanter on the stand tall target may not work (needs testing)
    - Ward of Fire & Scorching primarily about health, not shielding, not necessarily needed (Contraversial!)

    So, I wondered if Warden can go hybrid with oracle, can the purifer? Well not really, it's possible of course, but why would you do it? If you remove the AoE healer and can't supply AoE yourself it's a fairly pointless build (unless you're one of those guilds that gets the archon to heal then maybe). What I infact want is to bring an AoE healer as well as Purifer but still be useful. Safety & reliability in numbers. So what can I offer? Well, how about this...


    - The oh so amazing Unbound Obliteration legendary. I don't know of any other soul supplying this (all foes deal 5% less damage), so no need for Cleric tank with this as an offsoul
    - Forget tenebrious distortion tank or inquisitor, Sigil of Spirits is 10x better! As in, it spreads to up to 10 adds, no other class is capable of doing this (Increase non-physical damage by 5%)
    - Purge! ok.. useless on second boss.
    - Same absorb potential of 61 purifer, ward of flame and symbols do even more! (only part I've tested)
    - Access to 1sec GC AoE and single target cleanse, which also heals and therefore activates Banish
    - 2 AoE cleanses
    - No clashes with wardocle or tactbard (avoids oracle off soul)
    - No clashes with Archon
    - No clashes with warchanter
    - No need for another cleric in the raid to supply any useful buffs/debuffs
    - Healer's Convenant replaces (imo) the only useful cd in 61 purifer (flame of life)

    Rotation is essentially made up of Ward of Flame and symbols. You really don't need to worry about anything else in terms of healing. Just keep fire wall up (or several on 1st phase) and sigil of spirits. I have already done BoS as 61 purifer before without having to cast Ward of Fire, and I definitely hit the 50% shield cap regularly, this spec crits A LOT and raid buffs give that final boost. Considering this spec gives more absorb to Ward of Fire, then again its going to regularly hit 50% shield cap.

    If you really feel the need, you could sacrifice the cleanses as tbh it's the AoE'ers job, and instead get Ward of Fire for more security, but you will lose Healer's Revenent. A very nice cd.

    I've also tested this with warden, which allows you to supply decent AoE healing, but not enough to solo AoE, and it loses some absorb too. Again, the original idea was to be a 3rd useful healer, not a replacement to tactbard or wardocle.

    So! Utterly s***! Or has potential?
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    I ran around with a 41puri/27sent... abusing communion for the mana regain. Haven't used it in quite awhile now though; long enough in fact that the last time I used it was before they patched Flash of the Phoenix legendary.

    So, just a quick putzing around, and here's another fun thing.

    Legendary Flash of the Phoenix procs the 63 mastery Faith's Freedom (reduces incoming dmg by 30% until you do an attack ability).... twice. It procs it on use of the ability, so 6secs of "You no die yet" as well as the buff, and then again once the 6sec's are over. - 10secs of 30% reduced incoming dmg, as long as the tank stops attacking, every 30sec.

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    We run a puri on Commander in one of our raid groups and it works very well. We have no issues!
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    Neither do we, but this spec would speed up the process as well as minimize any frustratingly large bursts.

    The whole spec is pretty much centered around Clinging Spirits without sacrificing safety. The only reasons I made the build.
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