I just wanted to share a cleric Purifier-Sentinel healing spec that I've really come to love.


22 Sentinel, 54 Purifier, 0 Warden

Reaching down into the Sent tree to get Healer's Covenant was an idea I picked up from an older forum post. The link to that spec was no longer active, so I just made my best guess as to what the build would be.

Legendaries: Bolt of Light, Waterjet, Flame Lance, Ward of Fire... and I'm kind of torn between Caregiver's blessing and Flash of the Phoenix. The only thing I wouldn't like about using FotP is that then I don't have a battle rez available because would be on cooldown. Then again, it DID save my life once when I accidentally pulled too many mobs over to myself during a Vostigar Peaks zone event, haha!

I use this spec in my favorite zone event, Xarth's Skull.

I love that I can help start the event by activating a cannon and by healing it, while the cannon "tanks" the mobs for me, haha... Or if there is a squishy dps, my lovely shields can keep them alive until the tanky types arrive.

Purifier may not be that great at group healing like Warden (another tree that's awesome!) but it's still my favorite because I personally love the play style of using shields.

Some macros that I found online:

#show Ward of Flame
cast @mouseoverui Divine Favor
cast @mouseoverui Symbol of the Sun
cast @mouseoverui Ward of Flame
cast @mouseoverui Healing Breath
cast @mouseoverui Healing Flare
cast Break Free
cast Fading Light

#show Rite of the Forge
cast @mouseoverui Rite of the Forge
cast @mouseoverui Spiritual Conflagration
cast @mouseoverui Symbol of the Sun
cast @mouseoverui Healing Breath
cast @mouseoverui Healing Flare

and this next one I just kind of made up, because otherwise Ward of Scorching drains the heck out of my mana pool, lol....

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast @mouseoverui Ward of Scorching