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Thread: dear trion, how to improve cleric (damage)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skiye View Post
    On my phone right now but I'll post one later on.


    No food or non shaman buffs. Did have a power stone on but I usually do since i mostly raid log on this character. I don't play shaman a ton so I didn't do a great job of keeping life surge up either.

    At most i'm noticing a 100k-150k dps loss. Not that noticeable. Seen way bigger drops on rogue, primalist, druid, and warrior.
    Vengeance use to be around 21% of a parse in L.IoB, and about 23% with L. BoJ however in T2 L.IoB was better by around 100Kish because of how fast EoL was being consumed in comparison to L.BoJ. You may have lost a few damage points and crit chance but you gained more attacks per min with EoL/L.IoB. So you may not have seen as big a drop in your shaman build. You can look up the parses on Prancing Turtle, and the shaman 2 button thread for confirmation.
    Not the best parse but we are looking at vengeance contributions only.

    First 2 post show the percentage of Vengeance contributing to your dps. 20+ percent. I have seen it higher than 23% actually!

    I can confirm it was like that before nerfs. Rogue also is not in bad position with Hellfire MM and 61 NB build. Actually I really think MM is better than shaman now and it is a range spec. As for taking a huge hit. I can agree with this but they were already far far ahead. It is true with nerfs they are not as far ahead. Mage is also decently ahead. Actually warrior is not so bad but they need more people to theorycraft builds. They have been the most dumb down class for ages with how silly it was to play chantion. Not that you can't do content with cleric but just seems they are now considered the bottom with no real advantage to taking them as a dps, support or healer still. Chantion is still viable and still does good dps for an ST healer. Also, people are deciding not to bring any hybrid secondary support just to hit dps checks.
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