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Thread: Crushing Blow

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    Default Crushing Blow

    The major mechanic of Shaman is alternating magical and physical attacks.

    Currently, Icy Blow (magical melee no-cooldown) with buffs up is so far above Crushing Blow (physical melee no-cooldown), that it's a loss to ever use Crushing Blow. So at the bottom of the physical macro is a magical attack.



    This really messes up my flow as I am watching the Frostbite buff to tell me when to use a magical or a physical attack. It's also not thematic.

    Please buff Crushing Blow so that it's worth using instead of Icy Blow, after a magical attack and when the stronger physical attacks are on cooldown.
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    which is why sham's easier to play now since you'll always have the buff up for your massive blows (or should) even in a 1 button macro...

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