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Thread: Vengeance of the north Breaking the game

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    Exclamation Vengeance of the north Breaking the game

    So i started doing dungeons with my character and i got darkening deeps (lvl 24 dungeon) the tank was a cleric and pushed down the dungeon alone not waiting for other players just because he could handle himself perfectly doing tons of damage with Vengeance of the north until he completed the whole dungeon, some people left half way trough and i just ended being very frustrated. This skill does not mentor correctly and NO ONE has done ANYTHING to fix this issue. The lower level dungeons are completely out of balance because of how powerful people get, even if they are mentored, it makes low level people feel worthless just because you have a level 70 who is mentored down. Why do you people leave this broken for such a long time or you just want to kill this game in the early levels completely?
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    This has been a recurring problem with mentoring down. It's not just Vengeance of the North that has this problem.

    I appreciate you want it to be fixed, and it should really (I don't think it would be too difficult to ensure these values come down at a greater percentage rate), but I believe it's not high on their priorities.

    Saying that, it has been highlighted by dev's, particularly with farming rifts, so it's on their agenda. Unfortunately it's a very long agenda with Prime and current lvl 70 content being priority.

    Hopefully it's not a game breaking experience for you?
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    I'm sorry you had this experience.

    This is a problem with all classes as stated by Refuge, and is more an indication of the individual player not having consideration for the lower levels. I love doing lower dungeons to help newer players experience it at level - I'll even tank! BUT I always make sure to be restrained so that the dps can actually dps, take some time to look around the dungeon, and ensure everyone in the group is getting what they need out of that dungeon (some have quests to complete). Only problem can be heals, but I do make sure to not actively heal anything (or use cds) so the healer feels like they have something to do. It doesn't take long at the beginning to ask what level ppl are at and if they need stuff. Sometimes groups just want to rampage through, others want to work at it - it's just a matter of communicating.

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    Nvm. Please delete.
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