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Thread: Help with cleric Leveling Build (solo?)

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    Default Help with cleric Leveling Build (solo?)

    Hey all! I am returning to Rift after a few months off, can People tell me whats the best Dps lvling Build If Possible because I find it hard to deal high damage and staying alive, thanks!

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    Welcome back I hope you like grind ;)

    What level are you? 61 shaman tends to do good enough, especially once you can get your first legendary and pick up legendary healing fairy. You can also combine it with something like purifier or sentinel if your gear if way bad for the mobs you're fighting ;)

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    Druid would seem best for solo leveling. Not great dps but you will survive better and can even kill named and elite mods.

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    Druid with the faerie healer out is definitely the best soloing pre 66. 61 shaman has a bit of self healing as well but you lose quite a bit of survivability in exchange for damage.

    At 66 go 61 shaman with the druid off soul and take the legendary version of faerie healer.

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    You can also go Shaman/Justicar pre 66, so that you have a little bit more selfheal. Or you can go Druid, imo Shaman is more fun though, but ofc choose whatever you like best. (:
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    If you have access to the Storm Legions Souls, go Defiler. I used it from 1 to 70 with little issues. You will never be top of the DPS charts, but the beacon of despair keeps the mobs off of you and takes quite a bit of damage. At 66 put your first legendary point into Miserly Affliction. That causes it to tick an extra time for each rage effect you have on the target. Just keep it and your rage effects active and Miserly makes up about 40-45% of your overall damage. With Unholy nexus you can even spread all the current Defiler DOTs to 2 other targets.

    The only two issues I had: 1)If the beacon gets killed, all that aggro goes to you, and dropping another will not pick the mobs back up quickly like a tank pet. 2)you will want to limit your multi-pulls to three.

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