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Thread: Cleric Eternal weapon bug, or working as intended?

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    Default Cleric Eternal weapon bug, or working as intended?

    It seems the damage/heal value is calculated AFTER the mana from the ability that is used has already been consumed.

    What am I saying? Cast an ability over 75% mana that will put you under 75%. The mana is consumed, the ability then does the lookup for amount of mana remaining and it is found that the mana is less than 75%, so it does not get the weapon buff.

    This is easily replicated with Healing Effusion.

    Cast Healing Effusion under 90% mana (Divine Breath buff active)
    Healing Effusion heals for 10,000 less than when cast with over 90% mana.

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    Good observation. It shouldn't be the case, but I don't think this would stand out as too much of an issue and will probably be labelled as intended.
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    yes cause we'd be clearly OP if we were allowed THREE abilities with the weapon buff per fight instead of 2

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