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Thread: Sent vs Puri Healing

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    Default Sent vs Puri Healing

    I want to make a PVE Healer.
    I was told that Warden is the best if you are well geared and really know what you are doing, otherwise it is terrible.
    I made a low level Sentinel Healer. I was just reading old posts and some said that Puri is better than Sent. One post said that later Trion nerfed Puri shields.
    Is Puri still better than Sent?
    As I said, I plan to PVE. I don't PVP. I will probably use it mostly for dungeons. Probably some raids as well.

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    As far as raids go you'd pretty much have to warden.

    Sent and puri both have terrible AoE heals (although if you significantly overgear content and you/raid know what you are doing Sent might pull enough).

    As far as Sent vs. Puri for dungeons, sentinel all the way.

    Puri has virtually 0 raid heals, sentinel has one (sorta kinda 2, but one is a C/D), so only warden can actually heal groups. However warden has excellent ST capability also, so that's why it's a clear winner. The downside being that it takes alot more effort to play it to a higher level.

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    It really depends on who you run with.

    For dungeons I definitely prefer Sentinel. It's very strong for small groups where healing breath topping off multiple targets is just butter.

    For raiding, If you're needed to heal it will likely be Warden or a Warden/Oracle variant. There may be some scenarios where good tank healing is needed, and that's where puri really shines, but there isn't really any content right now where it's necessary.
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    Learn warden and puri

    Warden is the most used healing spec for clerics atm, puri is used in a couple raid bosses, sentinel is beeing used in pvp (and dungeons that the tank requires heals, i play warden anyways or i just go solo tank with no heals)

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