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Thread: BiS Fragments

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    Default BiS Fragments

    So there is already a BiS fragment guide but from what I could tell it mainly only accounted for primary stats, didn't account for secondary stats, didn't account for theoretical gear scaling (is BiS for expert gear the same as t3?!?), etc, etc.

    Here is the basis:
    • Primary stats are based off of rank 15 primary stats (the max you could get)
    • Secondary stats are based off of the minimal(rank 15) values (This is to account for RnG rolls and that you can't determine whether all your stats go into SC or CP)
      • This is closer to the truth of what happens realistically when leveling up PF's
    • There is a definitive 'first secondary stat' ranking that is included separately
      • Because a blue ->epic with CP primary and wis/sp that gains int is better than a blue ->epic with CP primary and wis/int that gains sp.
    Essentially this is a guide, it can't promise that it will give you definitively the best choice planar fragment over another, but it does tell you that on avg which one is the best option.

    First off, my estimated ~~ T3 weights (in this expansion it looks like t2 gear will be the equivalent of previous expansions t3)
    SP 1
    CP 1.081
    SC 0.23
    Wis 0.865
    Int 0.365
    Now the BiS fragments by element and their calculated point values (stat listed is primary stat)
    BiS Fragments-primary.jpg

    Now remember, these values are based off having all 5 stats on the Fragment
    • CP
    • SP
    • Wis
    • Int
    • SC
    So that means that if you're missing one or two of those stats as a secondary you'd have to adjust for it. The adjust values look like:
    BiS Fragments-secondary.jpg
    Meaning for example, that if you didn't have CP as a secondary/primary stat, that fragment would 'lose' 179 points. This basically shows that if you only had 4/5 stats on a fragment that were dps, you'd want the one missing stat to be int or SC, but NEVER CP.

    Using different weights of:
    SP 1.0
    CP 2.0
    SC 0.2
    Wis 0.85
    Int 0.35

    The point values came out differently but surprisingly the Element/tier priority list did not change. Also the only effect on 'missing secondaries' it had was to change the difference between Int/SC around (which are the least impact stats either way).

    Easiest way to know if a blue is close to BiS or not:
    It has CP/Wis/Sp visible and the primary stat matches the element first choice. Int/SC combined don't contribute as much as SP, so having those 3 stats is more valuable than any other combo of 4.
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    Basically it works like this:

    Say I have two death blue fragments:
    #1 has CP: Wis/SP
    #2 has CP: Wis/SC

    By the secondary stat rule, #1 is better because there is a higher probability that when it's 15 it'll have higher Wis/SP given that in the end they both would have CP: Wis/SP/Int/SC

    Another example (death blue fragments):
    #1 has CP: int/SC (and hidden End/Guard)
    #2 has SP: CP/Wis (and hidden End/Guard)

    That means that before you reveal the hidden stats by leveling them:
    #1 has the potential to be 1076
    #2 has the potential to be 682

    But of that, you know immediately that SP and WiS are potentially no's for #1
    And by the same token you know that int/SC are potentially no goes for #2

    #1 could have -100 and -110.7 = 865
    #2 could have - 46.7 and 51.7 = 583

    So either way, from what you currently see you know that #1 is a better choice. By that same token, #1 in it's worst case (end/guard for the hidden stats) would still be better than #2 even if it got the last 2 dps stats as rolls.

    Another example:
    Blue Air Fragments:
    #1 CP: Wis/SP
    #2 Wis: CP/SP

    Potentially these are #1) 764 and #2) 708 point wise

    However lets say that #1 gets end/guard for 3rd and 4th stats and #2 gets SC/Guard. That makes it so that #2 is likely to ~~even point wise to #1.

    But if #2 gets SC/Int while #1 gets end/guard, then #2 is actually better than #1.

    Basically it boils down to the 'risk' of unveiled stats. In the first example it's clear cut, no matter the hidden stats #1 is better. In the second example it depends on the secondary stats that are hidden, but #1 is a safe choice bet because good/lucky RNG is needed on the #2 to make it surpass #1

    These examples are the edge-case Fragments of the farthest and closest stat gaps between BiS and 2nd BiS fragments. This means that most times if you have a CP Death blue planar fragment with any two dps stats unveiled, it will be better than any other non-CP death blue planar fragment. Likewise a Blue air Planar fragment with CP: Wis/SP is likely going to be better than any other Blue air Planar fragment.
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    You probably want to wait and see what they intend to do with planar fragments before wasting plat on it. They already got many people to invest up until tier 9 prior to them releasing TD when it was unnecessary. So you have people like myself who shelled over 1000s of plat before TD hit and it wasn't even necessary since you can even 9 man the entire raid. They need to get their act together, seriously. So much they said on the live streams prior to SFP were wrong and even cost players a ton of plat. So far the new standard after 4.1 is released is to get classes to 400K for instance, when prior to 4.1 it was to get classes to 300K which only happened for some souls. Most were overtuned with many from some classes like cleric being under tuned. Sigh..
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