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Thread: Bring the Player they said...

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    Default Bring the Player they said...

    I'm just so unbelievably disappointed after 4.1

    I've invested a lot of time, and no small amount of cash, trying to be the best possible cleric, really, I've tried.

    I spent a long time in DPS only specs until I couldn't get into groups/dungeons, "heal" they said, so I learned to heal, yes including Warden.

    Then I had to wait and wait in queues, "tank" they said, so I learned to Tank.

    Suddenly, I'm understanding class mechanics and putting together hybrid specs and ... *gasp* having fun, bringing any role required to any situation.

    ...even learned to provide support.

    So after years, I finally get it, I joined the bandwagon that said Bring the Player.

    But, then 4.1 and suddenly I'm back to one or two useful specs (ok fine, Oracle DPS was so low, it was never really useful), forget group content, forget pvp...

    We finally have raids (ok well, one raid, maybe ... eventually) and our class feels like an albino redheaded step-child (probably not a thing, but I think the sentiment is there)

    I'm tired Boss. Dog tired.

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    Young Padawan, very good. Passed the first test have you? Fight fellow player you must, the war of the front will give you answers.

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    Cleric is actually a very popular class so I don't know why they are doing it. My numbers actually put them at 20% of the population if not more. If they really wanted to keep their numbers high, and have players they would have never did what they did to the class. If you use consumables, you are like 30% under instead of 35% in some cases. Forget about the cleaves of the other classes too. That is just laughable.

    It could be that they want players to leave the game believe it or not. It depends on how they want to scale down their game. Maybe they are happy with 500 active players for Rift.. who knows. And when it gets to that point you may as well find the biggest investors and play their class because I think they will ultimately pull the weight.

    Rift doesn't need more classes anymore.. It needs less. Like a lot less. Maybe 3 classes. If this is their goal to get rid of players it may be working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjourdo View Post

    I'm tired Boss. Dog tired.
    Here have some cornbread, big boy, and forget about it...Cleric's wont walk the mile.
    Truth is Beauty, Beauty Truth..

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