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Thread: Sentinal Healing Procs.

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    Question Sentinal Healing Procs.

    Abilities Discussed:
    Healing Communion
    Light of Redemption

    The Theory:
    With Legendary Healing Communion being treated as an Invocation it should (and does) proc both Legendary Redemption and Legendary Banish. (Although the Banish tooltip displayed on your target shows the DoT info text, not the HoT info. Features.)

    The Rub:
    However while it does, it ONLY does so on your initial target of the cast not all targets. Both procs state that they should work on either a Sentinel heal or Invocation. With Leg.-HC fulfilling both of these prerequisites and effecting up to 10 party or raid members then all members effected by the heal should receive both the HoT and the Buff.

    Yes, Sentinal is mainly built as a ST healing soul with minimal PARTY healing capabilities (Healing Breath, Divine Favor, ect.), but when reading the information provided it does seem to show that the ability to uses these spells as described here should be possible.

    Working as intended?
    Should work as described?
    Too OP for a ST healing soul?

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    Obligatory git gud play warden.

    Yes it only works on the initial target, don't know if intended or not. If not intended, it's probably just due to how the ability is triggered. (which in this case is a target dependent trigger not a heal dependent trigger).

    The problem with it is that if it worked on all raid members like you think it would, sentinel would quickly start to outpace warden (or at least a sent-ward hybrid) as far as effective hps goes.

    Because L Banish is more powerful than Healing spray, and Sent could then basically have 100% uptime on L Banish and 3x stack HF (basically nearly 100% of the time having something akin to monsoon).

    In a full 61 warden spec, L Banish is ~~91k healing over 15 seconds whereas HS is only ~~71k. In a Sentinel spec L Banish would only be stronger. Much too powerful to actually be a AoE applied Hot imo.

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