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Thread: How can I get my Justicar DPS up?

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    Default How can I get my Justicar DPS up?

    At this point I am really tired of seeing myself at the bottom of the DPS meter in pretty much every situation. I'm using a 61 Justicar with the ballance in Druid, and none in Purifier,(for Flame Lance). Should I just resign myself to the fact tht Justicar is simply not that good at DPS and get over it..or are there some ways to materially improve it's performance?

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    Resign yourself. Except on trash, then enjoy being near the top.

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    You are confusing roles. Tank (justicar) is meant to *take* a lot of damage, not deal it. I've never understood *why* tanks are such threats for dealing slightly more damage than a basic healer (who will also be viewed as extremely threatening), but, hey, it's magical "now I'm really making you mad at me" abilities or something. Anyway, the role is to make things hit you and point them away from the squishy dps, so that they can sit back, have a cool drink while spamming 1 button that does 10 to 15 times the theoretical maximum damage you could ever do. Maybe they'll interrupt something -- but you'll hear about it forever, if they do.

    "Look, I have one job on this lousy ship. It’s stupid, but I’m going to do it, okay?"

    Except in warfronts, where intelligent opponents know it's mostly safe to completely ignore you.

    If you want a challenge, though, *don't* try to make Justicar do more dps. Make it the party healer, and maybe even support. That will keep you *really* busy, and it's completely possible in SFP experts, AND it lets you bring *another dps*!!! Who will, well, you know, take all the credit for making the dungeon go 3 minutes faster or something, while complaining that they are only getting "tank loot".

    BTW, what kind of dps are you doing as justicar? You'll be at the bottom, but are you at 40-50k for ST when not doing any active self or party healing?
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    You need to use Inquisitor or Shaman for some top DPS....

    And no, they have not been nerfed yet and I can pull 300-400K with them...

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