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Thread: Newbie Cleric Tanking guide advise

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    Default Newbie Cleric Tanking guide advise

    I've played Rift since 2013 as DPS and Healer. Now that I'm a bit bored (and tired of being melted withing 1 second by other classes in Warfronts) I thought it would be nice to try out tanking.

    So, I took a 61-Justicar-15 Inquisitor 0-Druid build, a hammer and shield, and fiddled with it a bit in some Warfronts. It's actually a lot of fun! Even though I'm probably doing it wrong still. Eventually I'm going to want to tank dungeons too, so I really need to learn more about it.

    Can anyone advise me a good Cleric tanking guide? I found several, but none that went into the very basics, like threat and aggro.

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    Check the Riftstalker guides in the rogue forums. Muspel has an old good one, and I think the new one also gets in to the basics of tanking.

    tl;dr: You're leading. If you are hitting the mobs, you will have aggro on them, barring special mechanics. If you throw out a Doctrine and actually heal with it, you generate threat on everything. Gather the mobs up and face them away from the group. Get out of red and interrupt what needs interrupting.

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