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Thread: Good cleric build for the last little push

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    Default Good cleric build for the last little push

    Hi there, folks.

    I came back to the game recently and started pushing from 65 to 70. I was using my tried and true shaman build, but I seem to have run out of gas around level 67. Things take way too long to kill and it's not much fun.

    I was wondering if y'all could point me in the direction of a solid build for questing out my last few levels of the new expansion. I took a look at the levelling compendium, but a lot of the guides are either focused on lower levels, or waaaaaaaay out of date.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Defiler is annoying, but solos really well. You just need to maintain 5 dots and hit the greed/rage consumers when you get to 5 stacks (this is a ridiculously condensed version of how to play it).

    If you don't have that, a Justicar/Druid hybrid works well, but only on AE (legendary hammer of faith spam). DPS is terrible single target, but the more targets you have, the better it does. It's close to justicar/shaman from vanilla.
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    Default This is the build you're looking for!

    Please see my post http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...ml#post5277835. You will be able to solo pretty much anything in good time.

    A guild mate of mine created this build as far as I know. If you have any questions, you can pm me here or in game. I am of the same name in game, on Lae'thys shard. I hope you're still playing! Maybe you've made it to level 70 already? How did you go?

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    Reroll into a mage or rogue. Get someone to mentor you to 70 while they are afk .. Have fun facerolling and shredding through the open world quest. Pro Tip .. don't play cleric.

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