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Thread: Inquis Question now.

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    Question Inquis Question now.

    Hey guys,

    Back after a bit of a break. I was just curious now that I see blighted greed/rage blight is gone do we still go 5 points in Defiler?

    What is the best right now.

    61 Inquis/10 Sham/5 ?

    Let me know. I know there are probably better specs but im used to it so if I need to do a ranged spec I prefer it. Thanks in advance guys.
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    Going into defiler enough to get aggressive avarice, then rest in shaman is the best inq spec atm I believe.

    The greed dot + aggressive avarice is a pretty big chunk of inq dps atm.

    You only want to cast AA when you have 5 greed stacks though so it's a bit RNG based.
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