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Thread: 61 defiler theory craft

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    Default 61 defiler theory craft

    i didnt test defiler on pts, just made this "rotation" up now (doesnt seem to be a rotation..priority based again), parsing around 105-110k+ self buff, no pa buffs, no power stone, no vial, no feast, no on boss debuff, on level 67 dummy. using 3x upgraded coa weapons, + full t3 gear, igp trinket

    opening rotation
    marrow harvest (prepull)>sanction heretic (at 0s mh), Miserly Affliction, Greed's Corruption, unstable transformation, furious might>searing idol (weapon proc)> bond of pain>pain transmission> 5 stacks of greed> (because i end up with 4 stacks of rage)call of greed +stacks of greed > 5 stacks of rage> soul stream> spam macro and keep dots up.

    1min cd macro
    #show Unstable Transformation
    cast Unstable Transformation
    cast Furious Might
    use Searing Idol
    cast Bond of Pain

    spam macro
    #show Pain Transmission
    cast Pain Transmission
    cast Sanction Heretic
    cast Marrow Harvest
    cast Somatic Desecration

    -careful with spam macro, pain transmission hits enemies nearby, so if u dnt need this cleave like on herc take it out

    -mh at 3rd, because with this macro u wont be using it alot , and mh>somatic, and when u do use it u want to use pt or sh anyway

    everything else on separate keys

    i sort dots out in categories as well, so u reapply them all after one another, just feels smooth. keep all 18s together, the 2 15s together(if u can ), 2 24s together and use 30s on cd

    Dots vs stacks priority
    yeh.. this -.-, (will explain once i can explain it better).. or if some1 else can please

    Guessing Hybrid is better?

    Anyone can post how much they are parsing, noone said anything on eu atm

    what else are people doing?

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    Sadly enough i don't really record any of the tries i do, so i don't have any parse i can share.

    But Surprisingly on nightstalker Cael, i managed to stay fairly in ranged of our shaman before i died. I was getting 155k+ steady. Sadly enough i died Q.Q and droped to like 145k afterwards.

    61defiler - 7 shaman - 8 inq

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    yep 8 inq , 7 shaman is the spec im using as well

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    rage of the north from shaman is full effective for all deflier dots .

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