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Thread: Highest DPS for Cleric (Is Runeshaper worth sticking around for)?

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    Default Highest DPS for Cleric (Is Runeshaper worth sticking around for)?

    So I have played Cleric for most of my Rift career and recently have found myself wandering to other callings because they just seem to do things better.
    The only soul I don't have is Runeshaper.

    I would like to enjoy playing cleric again, so my questions are:

    Does Runeshaper get better DPS than inquis? If so, roughly how much more?

    Is the Runeshaper soul actually fun to play?

    Before putting down money on a soul I don't even know if it's worth it, I'm just looking for some feedback to either justify the purchase or justify moving on to mage or rogue ... =p

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    Runeshaper does more DPS than Inquisitor.

    I enjoy playing it but it really is personal preference, as with everything.

    As for highest DPS, you would have to look at the melee souls Druid and Shaman.

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    Shaman is still our highest dps spec. Runeshaper will do significantly more dps than Inquisitor on low movement fights. If you need to be ranged and have to move often Inquisitor will be better. Runeshaper is fun when the stars align, but the 61 point ability has never worked correctly meaning that it has not/cannot reach fullest potential.

    Buy the soul pack for Shadeborn, Frostkeeper, Warchanter, and Maelstrom. The Massiveblowman class is a hot mess and you're better off rerolling to something you find fun to play.

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    Mage if you want a more range class.
    Rogue if you want a mix. ( and to abuse the weapon dps bug)

    They are the best classes in terms of viability and playability. They offer very fun specs that are not super niched. I would pick primalist over warrior and warrior over cleric at this point in time. it is not hard to figure out the state of the class if you look through the feedback threads as well. It really has the highest volume of complaints from runeshaper to druid to the new defiler. And I really believe a rogue is putting more weight into class changes than a cleric since ideally the turret base specs explode vs. NB and SIN specs and defiler is laughable in PvP as you will kill yourself because of that failed mechanic they have and it takes forever to dot someone. The cd for reavers is 20 secs. and that is pushing it and they went as far as 1 min. 30 sec. for the defiler version and it not w FULL application of dots.

    One of the biggest issues that cleric had for range dps was its lack of mobility. Inquisitor was most turret like range dps for the longest time in NT. It was a big complaint for 1000s of players in high mobility fights that did not favor melee. Pretty much all dungeons, T1 and pvp. This should have been a red herring when designing Runeshaper but they decide to completely ignore the player of one of the oldest complaints and make an even more gross turret and boring super niche spec so players can complain about that instead.

    The psychology behind this is now you will see tons of clerics crying to make their already crippled in mobility inq spec top ST for clerics because its playability is far better even though it performs and plays worse than other range classes. To the average joe they don't see this. And I guess, they are hoping that no one notices them making these super niche specs that are barely viable and with a higher threshold for failure. Not only that but they completely fail at reimbursing those specs that get crippled by class changes. For instance, once defiler gets revamp Inq will lose about 5% more dps to be even worse than it is now which is not even barely competitive. Same will happen to oracle/defiler.. a net loss of 5% dps and also the loss of Tenebrious if you don't go into it. A loss of a ST cleanse as well. This kills the 61 oracle defiler specs that are being used across HM MoM. No reimbursement for that as well.

    To the player that sticks to one class they don't see this and its far less forgiving to the player base in general since they made NT far more difficult to double main. But if you happen to play around with 2-3 classes you will see rogue and mage have far far better design in the game currently.

    One thing you can hope for is that when they go back to 10 mans you will have a chance to double main though because there will be more chances to raid. I wouldn't focus on cleric as a main but an alt though (only if you're feeling hopeful that the devs will go back to the way they were before it went free to play then I guess you can main a cleric but I don't see any real change in the developers approach with B2P.)

    Honestly I can keep complaining for ages. Like how they stuck a 20% nerf to MB in PvP while buffing Paragon even more and its been far better than shaman for awhile. More mobilility,better survival, burst isn't iffy like with shaman. Immunities to knock back pulls etc. and has a chance to escape death with access to back port + leap, stun, disarm, and a runspeed that is more available than shaman + broke chanter makes them one of the hardest to kill. The kicker here is they nerfed MB 20% in PVP then they nerfed MB in PvE around 5%. So it gets double nerfed in PvP making the spec feel worse than it was before it GOT BUFFED. How do you support this development and B2P? I find it really tough to do it.. Devs really have not given a reason for the way rs, druid and defiler remakes were done as all of them seem far more worse to play than the souls we have now which were already lacking in features other souls in other classes have. And shaman itself just a run in and die trying spec in pvp but this time you just get to dps a brick wall with the FK and WC healers that exist. Who do you blame. The amazing devs that make specs like ranger/sab which have 10 secs. of immortality, a pet for tab target fodder and can do upwards of 5K+ dps from range, the dev who make elementalist when upon release can top damage with a full heal from range, the dev who make stuff like Hybrid jumpalist and their ezmode dps, the dev who make things like overpowered FK/WC and Para/WC hybrid.. or the new tanky and explosive warlord spec that is hard for any melee class to deal with, the dev who make sin and nb with so much talents like slip away and TT + BP/SS and other "seeya wouldn't want to be ya abilities" that increase their TTK to levels etc. or the devs who completely ignore the state of the other classes and introduce these gross specs that are barely viable in pvp and really niche in pve? That is state of cleric at the moment.. just a bunch of devs unloading a pile of crap on the class.

    The real real sad truth is Shaman is actually incredibly bad in design in comparison to other classes melee specs and IT is the favorite of the cleric choices for pvp and pve for melee. Inquisitor is STILL the turret range spec but most clerics prefer it over RS in pvp and pve. Both specs are really crippled in comparison to other class range and melee. So Trion found a way to make worse SPECS so people can argue about that instead and side track them from the real truth that pretty much the calling is getting **** on currently.
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