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Thread: Inquisitor with Runeshaper?

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    Default Inquisitor with Runeshaper?

    I find myself using Inquisitor less and less, but am still using the 10shm/5def with it. But I've seen some saying they are using 5 rs/10shm, or even 15 rs.

    Curious what the best Runeshaper twist there is right now for Inquisitor and why? Especially curious about the 15rs, because I'm just not seeing where that would be beneficial over 5rs
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    I run 11 runeshaper with 4 defiler. 10 points in the base talents of Runeshaper, 1 point in Rune of Return. The four points in defiler go into Horrible Visage.

    From some older parses I posted a while back, the Shaman build had a higher variance than this build, so based on crit chance you could be slightly above or slightly below what the Runeshaper side soul gives. I think net difference was negligible and within the range of error, so there wasn't a real gain or loss.

    The utility of Rune of Return is very valuable for PVP--a 50m teleport that doesn't require LOS is an instant escape every 30s as long as you keep it active. You could put the point back into Horrible Visage within defiler if you are unconcerned about movement utility.

    If your friends were using 15 RS, they probably took five points in Burning Inscriptions and would track Seal of Pain as another DOT in the rotation for a gain--the gain also took advantage of a bug allowing SoP to be refreshed by casting Rune of Travail even without the 30+ points in Runeshaper, so they could effectively keep an additional, heavy DOT on target without losing a GCD. This bug was fixed today, I think, but you can still manually apply and track SoP.
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    that's an interesting thread - when i've time i'll try to parse both 11 sham/4inq and the RS variant

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