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Thread: **New Cleric Tanking Soul**

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    Default **New Cleric Tanking Soul**

    I'm still waiting on a new tanking soul.

    Evil Cleric tanking soul based on Vampirism which places dots on enemies which also heal the cleric at the same time while generating aggro. Make it synergise with Cabalist and Defiler. give it cooldowns which work of off a blood counter you get from siphoning via your dots and some attacks.


    Blood Vial- a third resource used to power the vampire tank's special abilities.1-100

    Blood Siphon- A stacking dot which deals (insert damage value-insert damage value) over 15 seconds, healing the tank for a % of the damage done which increases by 2% per stack, Max of 10 stacks, Damage done to targets of Blood Siphon transfer 50% of threat generated to the tank. Generates 1 point into the Blood Vial every second per target.

    Will of Darkness- self buff, All death based attacks generate additional threat, All Death based DOTS generate additional threat per tick

    Iron Flesh buff-Enables Guard, Increases Base Health, Armor, and Resistances by 35%. Increases threat generated by 400%. Reduces damage done, healing done and absorption granted with non Night Walker Abilities by 20%

    Immortal Reign- 2 minute cd, Applies Immortal Reign if the Cleric receives a killing blow, Restores health equal to 25% of the Cleric's Maximum health. Last 5m up to 10 targets within 7 meters of the cleric become confused for 2 seconds.

    Blood Golem-30s cd Consume all stacks of Blood Siphon to manifest a temporary Blood Golem pet which attacks your target for 10 seconds. The Golem starts with 10 stacks of Call of the Blood buff which increases the bet's healing done by 10% per stack. Every two seconds the Golem is active it loses 2 stacks of Call of the Blood buff. Each time 2 stacks of Call of the Blood falls off the Golem, it leave 2 "corpses" on the ground within 7 meters. These corpses evaporate after 30 seconds. This Golem's attacks heals the tank for 50% of the damage done with overhealing being transferred to up to two other party or raid members. When the Golem expires, it explodes, Death damage to up to 10 enemies within 7m and applies Blood Siphon to each enemy hit.



    Carrion Repraisal-1minute cd-The Cleric pulls blood from up to 10 nearby corpses generating a shield and a healing for 5% of the Cleric's max health per corpse, up to a max of 50% of the cleric's max health. Can consume Call of the Blood corpses.


    Blood Bat- Deals Death damage over 15 seconds while generating increased threat.

    Dominating Presence- 1min cd last 1hr Applies a buff to all raid or party members that increases their AP/SP by 3% of the cleric's Main stat and Max Health by 2% of the cleric's max health. Damage done by allies under the effect of Dominating Presence builds one Blood Vial counter when they attack once every one second..

    Mist Form- 1m cd, Consume 100% of stored Blood Vial Counter to become immune to damage for 30 seconds, the cleric is unable to attack or move during this duration and also heals for 15% of his max health every second. On coming out of Mist Form, consumes Dominating Presence on all party or raid members to transfer 100% of their aggro to you. Also applies a 1 min cd that prevents allies from gaining Dominating Presence for the duration of the cd and prevents healing gained from Blood Siphon for 30 seconds.

    exsanguinate- Causes your target to bleed dealing Death damage over 15 seconds and applies an exsanguination debuff which applies a Blood Bat and Blood Siphon as well as one Blood Vial Counter per second over 6 seconds. Applies 3 Blood Vial Counters if the target/s is/are moving.

    Storm of Darkness- 10s cd consumes 70 Blood Vial Counters -ST attack that causes your target/s to bleed over 15 seconds ,applying 5 stacks of Blood Siphon. heals you for 50% of the direct damage done. Spreads Storm of Darkness, exsanguinate, Blood Bat, Tyranny of Death and refreshes all Night Walker dots to up to 10 enemies nearby within 7 meters. Generates additional threat per enemy struck

    Bat Swarm- 30s cd 20meter range. Turn into a swarm of bats and charge your target dealing death damage and spreading Blood Siphon to three enemies within 15 meters of the target. Each enemy struck generates a Blood Bat which causes Death damage to each enemy struck(damage value-damage value) and Blood Siphon to jump to a new target within 7 meters 5 times striking a total 15 times which.generates 5 Blood Vial counters pet enemy hit.Blood Bats can hit the same target if there are no other enemies in range.

    Apex-Passive that causes all death based dots from the cleric to also heal for a % of their damage done, Also causes all bleed effects from the party/raid on the target of the tank's target to apply Apex Predator to the tank, A buff which heals the tank for 2% of the tank's damage done. Max once every 1 second for 20 seconds, max five stack (similar to how Inquisitor and reaver dots are working)

    Kiss of Undeath 5 minute cd- Revive a fallen ally as your Fledgling who receives 75% of your max health, up to their maximum health, and switch their guard stat, gaining the same value as the tank. this ally's attacks now generate 2 Blood Vial counters per gcd and place stacks of Blood Siphon on their target with each attack once every second. The Fledgling's Blood Siphon stacks, stack on top of the tanks stacks with a max of 5 additional stacks. After one minute, the revived player's connection to the Sire is severed and they die again, removing their additional Blood Siphon stacks, dealing 25% of the Fledgling max health per stack as ST damage to their target. ( same cd as your normal brez) When your Fledgling is up, this ability changes to Sacrifice Fledgling.

    Sacrifice Fledgling- Teleport to your Fledgling's location, Bite and drink their blood which restores 100% of the tank's max health and causes the cleric to become sated for 20s. Making him unable to absorb Blood Siphon's healing effects for the duration of the sated debuff.

    Scarlet Preservation-Consume all of your Blood Siphon stacks to Shield an ally, converting 25% of the damage they receive into a heal over time and intercepts an additional 25% of the damage they receive, replacing the ally's Guard with the Cleric's, for 6 seconds. The Guard replacement will only occur on allies who do not currently have Guard enabled. An ally can only be affected by a tank soul damage intercept up to once every 2 minutes.

    Unending Poise-Self Buff- Increases base health by 8%

    Thirst-Toggle- Causes incoming self heals from Blood Siphon to also restore 10% mana to the Cleric, Blocks Blood Siphon stack gains

    Split Arteries-Instant Deals Death damage to up to 10 enemies within 7 meters of the cleric

    Heart Seeker-Instant-Deals Death damage to a single target

    Iron Wing-3s cd 35m range,Deals Death damage to a single target, Increases the Cleric's Block by 5% for 8 seconds as well as increases movement speed by 15% for 10s. generates additional threat per stack of Blood Siphon on you.

    ect ect ect. I could go on and make an entire power set for my theoretical soul but it's just a plead for a new Cleric tank at this point.
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    While I applaud your creativity, this is very unlikely to come into fruition, at least in Rift's current state. Is this a request for an all new soul? or were you talking about maybe reworking an existing to fit this niche?

    Another tank soul would be pretty close to last on my list for changes/additions to the Cleric calling. Reason is tanking is probably the least played role in the game, and Justicar is already an established tank. What kind of goal did you have in mind with this? just to have tanking options? specific content? where would this tank soul shine?
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    Well my untilmate goul in the very end is to add more vampire lore into Rift as there is almost none. The idea of a dark dots based tank (similar to how reaver used to be) was something that I really missed about the game so I've been sitting on the concept from the time when Reaver was first changed to dps.

    The goal of the soul would be to A.) have another option for tanking with a soul that can also be used to synergise with other souls for leveling and pvp B.) Having a dark Cleric makes sense as there are already cleric souls in that vein and we already have the shining good guy, Justicar. Why not have something on the other end of the spectrum for tanking? and lastly C.) promote Vampire lore in Rift in a way that is tasteful, brutal, evil and what vampirism should be.

    With the concept fully fleshed out, it would function not unlike Justicar with it's self healing, brez and solid aoe in my vision. At this point though I'm just throwing it out there in hopes of the Devs seeing it and going,........huh....yeah.., then magic happens lol.

    I'm all for going full bore to flesh out the entire soul concept though. Even the lore!
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    If they ever put a new soul pack maybe otherwise there is no room for this in the existing cleric pack :x

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    > I'm still waiting on a new tanking soul.

    You're going to be waiting a loooong time

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    New Tanking Souls?
    I donīt think thats what the game needs.
    Just look at the 4 Warrior Tanking Souls. Oh, donīt see them anymore?


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