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Thread: Gear upgrade order

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    Default Gear upgrade order

    Does the community suppose its better to upgrade big pieces first and then little pieces, or vice versa?

    Big pieces give more of an upgrade, but little pieces obviously give more upgrades. For instance, I could buy two 7k pieces or one 13.5k piece.

    Or perhaps someone has already mathematically figured this out and there is a link that I have not yet seen...?
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    Depends what you need. If you need the hit, go for the gloves and helm, if you don't need the hit right away, just save up for the big pieces. Honestly, it doesn't really matter which you get first because you're going to get it all eventually.

    That's assuming that you haven't made it to a boss that drops armor in the tier you're gearing.
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    You probably want to buy pieces which don`t drop with CP so you can adjust your CP value later. For example pants are dropping only with Spellpower. The chest(with CP) from Justice can be upgraded to relic and should have slightly better stats than the shop version.
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    What I always did was buy helm and shoulders first because you not only get the updated stats on the item itself, but also the upgraded dream orb roll. More stats for your marks spent.

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