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Thread: Small Shaman suggestoin

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    Default Small Shaman suggestoin

    This is a very small suggestion and I know that overall it would not make a major swing in DPS either way, but with how Brutalize currently works, you either need to clip it to get 2 Massive Blows in during Deep Freeze, or just forgo the 2nd Massive Blow in order to not clip the dot. To make it so you don't have to sacrifice either Massive Blow or Brutalize damage, a possible change is to make Brutalize deal it's remaining damage if it's still ticking when a new one is applied. For example, if you have 2 ticks of Brutalize left when you use Massive Blow a 2nd time, the damage it would have done is done instantly when the next Brutalize is applied. I know this is a minor change and maybe not worth devoting the time to fixing, but it would be nice.

    EDIT: This obviously makes the biggest difference during Deep Freeze, but would still be a minor improvement every 30s when Rush of Strength is up regardless.

    Also, if someone could please correct the spelling of "suggestion" in the thread title...
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