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Thread: Building my healer for next beta release?

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    Default Building my healer for next beta release?

    Greetings everyone.

    My name is Simon and i'm new to this game. English is not my native langage, so please be patient. I'm a veteran player from the EQ day up to Wow. My game is pre-ordered and i'm waiting.

    In the last massive online game i played ( WAR), i like playing the role of the Disciple of Khaine, that emo leather wearing dual wielding elf who had to hit the enemies to heal his group. The fact that he could heal an entire group at once was kind of refreshing for me, because in the previous game i played, i was a single target dwarf who only greater heal on and on.

    So i started looking at the soul , but i need some help? I know i can't have everything, but i know i want to be able to heal alot of peoples at once, be mobile so no ( or few) casting heal and be as tough as i can. Remember the Dok was not necessarily a huge dps guy, but was hard to kill, he could withstand beeing in the fray if needed.

    I want to focus on PVP and rift hunting, so group playing.

    Do you have any suggestion? Thanks.

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    In my experience, which is limited due to it still being in beta, I've played as Sentinel/Warden/Purifier & Warden/Purifer/Sentinel. If you want to concentrate on AoE healing I would suggest the Warden as your first & main soul although everything is still up in arms as far as your playstyle goes. The warden has both instant-cast single target and group-target healing in the form of HoTs so it does take a few seconds for your party's health to get up there. The Sentinel soul paired with this is pretty nice because you get Healing Breath which is an instant cast "instant" that heals for quite a bit of health. I'd mess around with both souls to pick one.

    On another note, the Chloromancer in the Mage subclass heals through the damage they do. There's a lot of worthwhile builds for healers. Use the beta as a way to familiarize yourself with them.

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    I have to contradict what vasca pointed out, unfortunately for PVP i find Warden quite lacking. Especially when it's just you and a buddy, or you and two buddies (Making 3). If you want to heal all of you effectively, you'd want either Sentinel, Warden, Purifier. Or Sentinel, Purifier, Warden. The last soul in both of those being the one with the least amount of points in. I say this because Sentinel, unlike Warden or Purifier, is the AOE Healer. You can see this by viewing their talent tree/roots.
    Sure, hots can cover the entire party, but with damage as out of scale as it is (Marks/Ranger & Stormcaller/Ele) your hots, even if ALL cast on 1 target, won't outheal the damage put out by two targets, where as a strait, heavy hitting healer would (Like sentinel or purifier). Now if you want to get into AOE Healing, that's definitely the Sentinel's domain. I could go more broad on this but I feel it's rather obvious just by looking at the tree.

    Best of luck my non-english-native friend
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