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Thread: Professions

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    Default Professions

    I plan to roll a cleric when the game launches.

    Curious, what professions are the other clerics taking?

    What do you think are the best professions for a cleric and their souls?

    I plan to focus on healing, utilizing purifier, sentinel, or warden as my main tree. So I was leaning toward having either Foraging, Artificing and Runecrafting, or Mining, Armorsmithing, and Runecrafting.

    1 Gather, 1 Craft, 1 Stand-alone.

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    I'll probably do all three gathering skills on my main (which will be my cleric) and have the tradeskills on my alts. My first alt being a warrior which will probably be apothecary, runecrafting and either weaponsmithing or armorsmithing.

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    As a healer, I think I'm going to try out Foraging, Butchering, and Apothecary for the potions/buffs/dyes. Selling any extra stuff from the 2 gathering professions for extra money. Although Runecrafting, Armorsmithing, and Artificing would be valid options as well. Depends if you wanna make your own gear or get it all from quests/instances/auction.

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