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Thread: Questions regarding the mechanics of the Justicar Soul

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    Default Questions regarding the mechanics of the Justicar Soul

    So, looking at the Justicar PvP soul for clerics, I am extremely pleased with the variety and tools it adds to compliment the other trees, but I was just curious about some of the mechanics, primarily concerning Wardens.

    Creeping Remedy: Your single target heals heal one additional party or raid member for 50% of the healing done.
    Little Off the Top: Whenever you use a single target heal, you receive 15% of the healing done.
    Celestial Bonds: Your heals on Players who are under the effect of Stuns, Roots, and Fears shield the Ally for 10 seconds, absorbing 500 damage.
    Mark of Purification: Your single target heals have a 25% chance to remove a single Poison, Disease, or Curse.

    The branches 'Creeping Remedy', 'Little Off the Top', 'Celestial Bonds', and 'Mark of Purification' are all worded as "Your heals do X", but the Warden tree is primarily a Heal over Time/ Reactive healing buff tree, and the wording in the description of the aforementioned branches leave me wondering how these talents will interact with Heal-over-time spells and Orb spells that are found in the Warden tree. Could anyone shed some light on this?
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